Victorinox Paring Knife Serrated 10cm Red


The paring knife is the Swiss Army Knife among kitchen utensils. It takes on any adventure. Thanks to its handy size and the precise cut, it is the jack of all trades in our knife range, and it is used on a daily basis in every household and even by every top chef.

Discover what the kitchen knife has to offer.

One for all: Cleaning, peeling, chopping, dicing, garnishing—our paring knives are the ideal helpers for a healthy cuisine. They are readily available and easy to use. Simply likeable and wonderfully cooperative, these all-arounders are used for the skillful handling of potatoes, carrots and cucumbers, apple, pear and so much more.

Calibrated for hard or soft: Victorinox paring knives are available with or without a serrated blade. The sharp teeth are experts in dealing with firm vegetables and hard or even elastic skins. The smooth edge has advantages when dealing with soft candidates like pears and peaches.

Big when it comes to small things: Wedges, slices, diamonds, pieces, sticks or spirals—thanks to the cheerfully colorful, pleasantly light paring knife, every creative cooking idea will be a success. The paring knife is also ideal for carving decoration. A feast for the eye and palate.


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