Denby Imperial Blue Tea Saucer 15.5cm

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Imperial Blue was introduced in 1989 and has since become an iconic tableware collection. Displaying a vibrant cobalt glaze with hints of pure white, this stoneware range has a timeless appeal and promises to never go out of style. Crafted by a team of skilled craftsmen and women, Imperial Blue is both beautiful and durable. The iconic glaze is eye-catching as well as protecting the range from chipping. With the ability to be used in the oven, microwave and freezer, this collection makes a practical and reliable addition to the home. It is also safe to use in the dishwasher.
Pair with the Imperial Blue Tea Cup for your morning tea or an after dinner coffee this is the perfect drinking piece.
•Item comes with a 10 year guarantee.
•Versatile, beautiful, durable ceramics perfect for everyday and special occasions.
•Handcrafted from stoneware in Derbyshire, England.
•Safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer.

Stoneware clay is very strong. It is fully vitrified (the surface is made glassy and non-porous) which gives it strength, durability and chip resistance. It can be safely used in: Dishwasher – Denby recommend using low temperatures and liquid detergents; Microwave – for cooking and reheating food. Please note: Using microwaves as a means of warming empty dinnerware can cause damage to both your dinnerware and microwave and is not recommended; Freezer – for storing food. All pottery and china can crack if exposed to sudden changes in temperature, no matter how strong it is, so please don’t take items from the freezer and put them straight into the oven or microwave. Please do not expose to direct heat sources such as the hob or grill.

Length: 14.5cm, Width: 14.5cm, Depth: 2.5cm