Denby Imperial Blue Pasta Bowl

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Denby’s Imperial Blue range is among their most popular and acclaimed ranges. The striking colour scheme of rich cobalt blue with a crisp white interior is complimented by classic, functional shaped tableware. A lively and visually appealing stoneware set that is fully vitrified (the surface is made glossy and non-porous) which provides it with increased strength, durability and chip-resistance.

Each piece is handcrafted in England, using locally sourced clay, utilising pottery skills that have been passed down and developed through generations. Master craftsmen still glaze every piece of pottery, which is why, Denby’s Stoneware is famed for it’s durability and chip-resistance.

This versatile Pasta Bowl can be used to uplift the appearance of a variety of dishes including pasta, pie, noodles and salad. It’s elegance and versatility will make it suitable for all occasions and it’s striking blue’s and white’s will be sure to be the talk of any dinner table.

Set Details/Specifications:

1050ml Pasta Bowl
Length: 22cm Width: 22cm Depth: 5cm
Dishwasher safe: Yes
Microwave safe: Yes
Freezer safe: Yes
Denby recommend using low temperatures and mild liquid detergents to prolong the life and integrity of the product
Vibrant Blue Edge on Crisp White Denby Stoneware